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Re: PS2-style PC controller
I have a Logitech wireless PS2 controller (PS2, not PC) with a broken Xbutton, so I'm down to a Pelican wireless with no door for the battery bay, you you have to hold them in with your fingers, so I'd rather not use that.

Also, do you think I'd be able to plug a controller into the USB slots on my monitor? My PC only has one, and it's in the back.
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Re: PS2-style PC controller
I have one of those Logitech Dual Action pads and found them to replicate the PS2 layout closely enough to work well for sandbox-style games originally developed for or on consoles. The biggest problem I've had is in remapping the buttons so they replicate the layout on the Playstation. I forget what I paid for it, AUD$9.95 or AUD$19.95, one of the two, but it was money well spent.
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