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Ok guys I have everything from here I need to get Freespace going, I've been playing since I first found the game, all my stuff is up to date, today, just a few minutes ago I tried to play online. Nogo from the start, game warden acct is set according to the top thread in this section I am set up correctly, but when I go into multiplayer it shows the three dedicated servers, but I can't join any of them, if I click join it takes me to a screen where I can host a game, which I am no where near ready to do yet, how can I get into one of the games that are up already?

( yea I'm that anxious for yall to kill me :))

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The reason it's asking you to host is because the first person who joins one of those dedicated servers is, as I understand it, asked to pick the options.

The reason you saw that is because nobody's likely online. Multi happens, but you gotta get on IRC and get a crew together.


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Correct on all counts. If the number of players on a server is 0, the first person to join gets to "host" the game.
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Oh ok thanks guys:) I thought that those three servers were there to just join and wait in for others :)
I'm not sure, but I think I am able to host a game cause I had one for a minute or two until I closed it remembering that I haven't run my weekly cleaning programs yet.
I like to know for sure theres nothing on my system before other s connect :)
All vista problems can be corrected, by upgrading to XP


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Hosting simply means you get to choose which mission gets played, etc. The dedicated server still does all the heavy lifting, you're basically a standard player.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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thats good, but I have a question, I'm running windows Vista totally updated, on a Emachine T5082 Pentium 4 dual core processor 2 gig or ram. on cox cable internet runnin through a Dynex router with a firewall on the router
Is it possible for me to host a game with my current system?
All vista problems can be corrected, by upgrading to XP



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If we could host games on P2 and P3 systems with 56k modems when FS2 was released what do you think?
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