Author Topic: In case anyone lives under a rock...  (Read 3734 times)

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Re: In case anyone lives under a rock...
Fair enough.


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Re: In case anyone lives under a rock...
I would like to categorically state that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a perfectly good 'mech combat game ruined by someone getting a JRPG plot that doesn't even BEGIN to be coherent all over it. "This guy is good. Oh hey this guy is actually bad. No he's good. We're going to pick this guy up and treat him like a prisoner. Now we trust him to wander around alone. We're going to treat the player character like crap despite the fact he's the only one who's carrying a gun, having never read Pompey. Hey he actually got fed up with the bull**** and pulled his gun but we're going to screw him over because that was a hologram."

And of course, like all Japanese-influenced mecha stuff, it must end with a very crappily done swordfight between flying robots. In fact, one could argue that it's actually a perfect rendition of what a swordfight between flying robots should be, since they're, you know, flying robots and not fencers.
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