Author Topic: Let's Play the Battlestar Galactica board game  (Read 11891 times)

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Re: Let's Play the Battlestar Galactica board game
We've played a bunch of games since last time I posted, but tonight we had a really epic one where the humans made it all the way to the last jump with most of our resources in good shape. We were so confident we were going to win that we actually started putting our coats on several times.

Unfortunately, every time we managed to get our jump prep counter up into the 'emergency jump available' slot (to make the final jump), the Cylons would bump it back down with good rolls on the Basestar Bridge location. Several rounds of this turned our irritation into incredulity - we were playing perfectly, using the Pegasus engine room to make sure we kept getting jump clock icons, but Cylon-Adama, Cylon-Kat and Cavil just kept slowing us down. It didn't help that Zarek's character disadvantage prevented him from getting into the engine room to help out.

After a few rounds of this an enormous Cylon fleet jumped in off the pursuit board. Raiders zerged our civilians, then destroyed the crippled Pegasus and took out FTL control on Galactica. We were still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor when Cylon-Adama hit us with his super crisis and zeroed our fuel.