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Forced Entry

When a character speaks, the controlling player's name shows up rather than the character's name.
Sounds like Callsigns are overriden by player names in multi. I'll see what I can do.
Some multi missions override while others don't, so it must be mission dependent. An example would be the retail Into the Lion's Den vs the Into the Lion's Den with respawns. The one with respawns uses player names.

I don't think retail uses callsigns, so they cannot be overridden if they aren't there. The generic Alpha 2, Beta 3 and so fourth is unaffected. EDIT: not sure just a guess!

You can get around overridden callsigns by putting a # sign and type out the character's name for each send-message sexp much in the same way #Command works without a ship named Command.
Really though, unless it crashes the game or throws asserts I think you should keep it. It adds some kind of charm to the missions, giving the impression that each player is assuming the role of their respective characters. On the other hand, maybe it gets old fast. This is opinion of course, but I personally am not worried about the issue.
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Zacam: Uh. No, using an effect is okay. But you are literally using the TECHROOM ani as the weapon effect.


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You can get around overridden callsigns by putting a # sign and type out the character's name for each send-message sexp much in the same way #Command works without a ship named Command.
Ahead of you already. Fixed on my end and will soon be committed, once I am done balancing the mission so I don't win it all by myself in Insane.

Mantis them. The event system has been updated to allow all SEXPs to work in multi, they just haven't all been included yet. Coders'll need to know which are missing.
Same. Mantis #0002401.
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Post-game test 20/02/11
Special Thanks to mura, Zalem, and Kyad for testing.

The Grimler should be seriously nerfed or banned in dogfights as it can take out even a heavy fighter like an Izra'il in one hit. Despite being an aspect-seeking weapon, it can deter beginning players from ever surviving if they don't know how to dodge them. Also, since it flies straight, anyone who goes head up against will die if dumbfired.

We tested the intertias of UEF fighters, and the Kentauroi can lose 44% of their health by slowly ramming a Uhlan while the Uhlan receives minor damage. When at full speed, a Kent or a Uhlan ramming each other will kill both. Whether this is a useful tactic or a bug remains to be tested. (We haven't rammed into GTVA fighters to find out if it's useful against them, nor do we know the extent of this tactic available against any other fighters). This exploit, however, is useless against the Lao Tze and Izra'il as they receive little to no damage from rams. The following is the assumed mass of fighters arranged from highest to least:

Izra'il > Lao Tze > Uhlan > Kentauroi

While I do like the tactic to be available, I don't want the abuse to exist for a low-health fighter deciding to ram a fighter without damage to make use of its life.

The Izra'il starts with Hellfires by default, but they're not allowed to carry them. When I used the Izra'il with default loadout, I ended up with no secondaries.


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In addition to SypheDMar's findings, I find that the Kentauroi's sheilds are incredibly powerful for an ultra-light, easily bypassing the sheilds of comparable fighters I've flown (or uef primaries just do less dmg then tev, this is a full possibility)

also, the kents shields do not drop at all when ramming another ship like others do, they remain at full strength
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