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Dark Children campaign to be precise, if you'd like to take a look at it. A really great campaign, allthough it has a rather steep difficulty in a few missions.


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Thank you, newman and -Norbert-. :)


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on topic of controls, you guys *are* going to support PSmove, right?
because I DEMAND you implement full move support before even thinking of trying to release this!


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  • i wonder when my postcount will exceed my iq


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That glow... Why are we talking about this? Did anyone actually get FS to run on PS.


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Has anyone made a "slow time" mod?  I know the engine has the ability to scale time down (or would it be called up) for compression, would it work in the opposite direction, I wonder?

Yep, there was bullet time in TBP. You could use it with shadows fighters and it was pretty cool. Courtesy of Vidmaster, iirc. I really don't think it belongs in an xwing type sim though.

I *would* make though a kick-ass effect for in-game cinematics.
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