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Figured I should at least try to get an update cycle going  :)

File restoration is 100% complete. Any left after today I'm just going to replace; it would take longer to fiddle with the files. Rest assured I've got an actual back-up routine that I'm going to do weekly. As a matter of fact I'll just write these weekly updates while things transfer. Win-win!

Made significant progress in converting the old DDS files into the newer DDS formats, correcting Alpha layer issues (thanks to HT for the advice). I'd say I'm 75% complete on the "Direct3D to OpenGL" conversion.

Pen has been put to paper to capture the storyline and ideas in a place other than my head. It's all coming back to me now and I think I've got a decent story arc built for each. Let's say 25% complete.

Took a much closer look at other Halo conversion work done for other platforms. Halo: Fleet Command for Nexus has some impressive work so far as models go, but his team has been working on them for a few years now.

This, of course, brings up the discussion of collaboration with other mods. I've opposed it so far solely on the basis of consistency with the canon Haloverse (realizing of course that everything I do won't be 'canon' persay  ;)). With the exception of the Forerunner ships I've played around with and some of the single-ship fightercraft (which, unlike several other games, is central to the gameplay of Freespace), all of the ships I've put into FS2H have been mentioned somewhere either in the games or the books, and I've modeled them to look like the material that came out of those sources. A lot of the ships mentioned in the books, however, where never described exactly or never shown in the games/graphic novels, so of course those will be subject to artistic liberty. In the end I want every single ship to have some basis in what people know already and minimize pulling things out of my rear  :lol: 

Maybe you'll think me a purist. What I've envisioned for this mod is not to create what I'd want there to be in the Halo Universe, but instead to use what is there as the setting to tell stories. The Bungie folks have done an incredible job of creating a setting and filling it with interesting people, places, and space craft. What I want to do is fill in the gaps with equally compelling stories of unsung heroes and deeds both heroic and tragic. Chapter 3 was purposefully made for me to tinker with and add my own spin without changing what has already been set. I hate it when good story arcs are retconned all to hell so I'm leaving what's there intact.  :yes:   Tirade complete!

As always I'm open to suggestions, comments and opinions. As development continues I'll keep you all posted. I will endeavor to include images and some movies in future updates as I march towards getting something playable out to the community.

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Re: Weekly Update: 2/25/11
You should crosspost this to HBO.