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Bunch of BSG ships
So I came across this website that has well over a hundred different ships from the BSG universe. Figured that I would share.

This is the page for the reimaged series, the original series has a page too.

Also, top and side view, for you modelers.  :D


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Thanks, but we're covered when it comes to references. We know about that site, while it has a lot of stuff a lot of it is either inaccurate or made up. We have better :)

edit: due to current experiences with these kinds of threads, I'd like to iterate that while we certainly appreciate people trying to help us in this way, we do not require any additional references or links to references websites. Thanks anyway :)
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Well i know that Diaspora does not need anymore models this thread was actually aimed at the rest of the community. After R1 is released they will have the ability to FRED missions, if I remember correctly. I am just leaving this here so that when the time comes they have another resource to look at.

Plus it keeps this forum alive while people await the R1 release.


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I've looked at some of those drawings, and while they may be inaccurate (I wouldn't know, I've seen 4 episodes of BSG in toto), they're quite well done and detailed. Certainly a good source of non-canon ships for people to model once R1 is done.