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Wasn't there another video format in the engine awhile back?  If so testing an old build with video in that format might tell if it's an engine issue or with just ogg. 
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There wasn't another format, there was support for wrapping to the Windows-only system codecs in AVI files.  Due to the manner it worked, I doubt it would serve for a useful comparison.
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There's no easy way to tell given the way that each format is coded in the engine - they're all basically separate video players.
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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but somebody already mentioned ffmpeg.

Has anyone tried/considered libavcodec? It is (according to Wikipedia) LGPL, which IIRC is compatible with the FS2Open license. In addition it should be able to handle Theora and is cross-platform. The API is not well-documented but streaming video (perhaps audio?) is very doable.