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Looking for recomendations
Im trying to get someone else into FS 2 who has played other space sims.  Looking for Multiplayer missions that would impress and convey the general feeling of FS 2.  Recomendations please?


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Re: Looking for recomendations
The co-op campaign missions can be a lot of fun. You can play through the campaign in coop using the MediaVPs.


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Re: Looking for recomendations
I may be wrong but IMO you'd better impress someone unfamiliar with FS game series with single player campaigns/mods. There are 3 main reasons why the FS multiplayer isn't good to start playing FS: 1) FSO multiplayer is somewhat laggish, 2) it is much easier to learn controls and tactics in SP, 3) most MP missions suppose the player to already be familiar with FS plot/setting. Thus the best way to get someone else into FS game series is to guide that person through the installation process of some of the best singleplayer mods (particularly the FSPort is good for start) or to show him/her some good FS-related trailers or mission playthroughs (there is a bunch of them on Youtube).


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Re: Looking for recomendations
I'm with PMY. Furthermore, past experience seems to suggest that even if the chap/chapess you're trying to get into FS is really into FPS's with not all that much sim experience, they won't be able to hack it. Why that's the case, I can't say, especially when the person who was trying the program in question was a mechanical engineering student.

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Re: Looking for recomendations
I got Rian's sister and friends into playing FreeSpace through the multiplayer co-op campaign. They had no past flight sim experience and now they're enthusiastic FreeSpace players.

It probably has a bit more to do with the person showing and the people being shown than the content shown.


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Re: Looking for recomendations
Try my Forced Entry coop in the BP multi pack ;p

(Don't start in insane for newbies, and watch the trebs)
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Re: Looking for recomendations
I would hope lagging at least is minimal on a LAN, if they're lucky enough to play in the same building.
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