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Re: SPECULATION: Origin of the Ancients
I remember seeing that wing launch and thinking 'DAMN it is this thing gonna throw endless dragon waves at me as well?' and then it was just Loki's haha

If I recall correctly, aren't Lokis about as annoying and dangerous as Dragons? Or are the Dragons still much harder to hit?

I dunno, I always had a harder time dealing with Dragons then Lokis
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Re: SPECULATION: Origin of the Ancients
FlamingCobra: Remember that astronomical proximity doesn't seem to matter when it comes to forming the subspace network, so stellar drift shouldn't matter. Subspace moves aroud a lot too - Even stable subspace nodes (the ones on the nodemap) will collapse over a long (but never specified) timeframe. The subspace map could have looked very different in 5600 BC. An additonal problem with the stellar drift idea is that Vasuda isn't a modern star name, and we have no idea which star it is.

Can you tell me where you got this from?

It might be Beta Hydri.


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Re: SPECULATION: Origin of the Ancients
An unstable jump node like the one between Gamma Draconis and the nebula after the destruction of the Knossos is said to likely collapse in a few centuries. Stable jump nodes can probably last thousands of years. I wouldn't be surprised if a significant part of the nodes we have today were already up at the time of the Ancients.
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