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you certainly got my project out of the gutter with that one :D
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And I now have a working guncam script which integrates nicely with Swiftys cockpit display system.


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I'm not sure if I changed something inside the script which broke it.
Well, I didn't get any error messages running it on 3.6.14d RC1, but the test mission just gave me the crosshair thing, it didn't have any other visible interface elements or the ability to fire the turret.
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Yeah, that's what I meant but I'll just rewrite it so it can be used as a standalone script and I'll also try to include a FRED interface.


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Here is a new version with a completely rewritten (and this time actually working) version of this script. It includes a FRED interface and the ability to configure a few things using configuration files. The link in the first post has been updated to point to the latest version.

The package contains the script files, a demo mission (requires Blue Planet 2) and an example configuration file, for more information about how to use them please take a look at the PDF file in the data/docs/TCS directory.

If you have been using this script before then you may have to update your missions as some functions have been removed and replaced by corresponding configuration options.


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Link updated, now the package should contain the test mission.


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Just got home, looking forward to testing these upgrades. :D
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