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[RELEASE] Starlance Node
This is a much simpler project I had taken upon myself to complete. It's simple, the FS2 jump node model just looks completely silly in a totally new universe, and really needs to be replaced. I started it yesterday, and the original concepts were certainly quite different (Except this one).

Oh yeah, it also spins. Spinny...spinny. Everything's better with spinning after all. :nervous:

Download: HERE
Just put in <mod>/data/models (If the folder hierarchy doesn't exist, create it yourself). Since this model requires no tables to work, it can be used for any mod you ever desire.

DISCLAIMER: I have not tested any WoD1 missions if they look right. I wasn't really aiming for backwards compatibility so much as to actually replace that FS2 asset for this mod, making it one tiny step closer to standalone.
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Re: [RELEASE] Starlance Node

Dude, I'm happy you've released this because I need (for my campaign) nodes and I didn't want to use the retail one.
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