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Re: What joystick setups do you use?
I use a rather old, very abused and somewhat broken CH Fighterstick. Back when all the buttons worked, I used the following setup (can't remember the button numbers, so I'll go by positions):

Trigger: Fire primary weapons
Top-left button: Fire secondary weapons
Bottom 'pinky finger' button: Afterburner (also used for mode switching on the stick, but I don't use that in FS2)
Right side button: Countermeasures

Left side 'thumb' hat switch: Forward/Backward = Thrusters, Left/Right = Roll. If I had slide available, I'd map those to this hat instead as it is the easiest to work with while also using other buttons.
Top-left hat switch: Targeting - Forward = Target in reticle, Left = Nearest hostile, Right = Nearest attacker, Backward = Subsystem in reticle
Lower-right hat switch: Misc. stuff - Forward = Transfer energy to guns, Left = Cycle primaries, Right = Cycle secondaries, Backward = Equalize shields (If glide is available, I'd switch equalize shields out for that)
Top-right hat switch: View controls (is actually an 8-direction hat, but the diagonals are hard to hit without hitting one of the cardinal directions so I avoid using them to prevent getting thrown into side view or something at a bad time. Now that half my hats are dead, I actually moved most of the top-right hat stuff here since I can live without view commands on my stick. Also occasionally mapped certain wingman orders here)

I still used my keyboard for selecting single/double missiles and some advanced targeting, as well as any communications I hadn't decided to put on the 8-directional hat switch. Nowadays, I use the stick for steering only and use the keyboard for almost everything else. It flies fine but even the buttons that still work are wonky and sometimes fail to register a click, so I'l playing it safe on important stuff like firing weapons and hitting the ABs :p
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Re: What joystick setups do you use?
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Re: What joystick setups do you use?
I'm using a full CH HOTAS set, with assignments as follows:

Trigger - fire guns
Top red button - fire missiles
Side red button - cycle radar range/cycle gun ROF (on Antipodes 8 based builds, mainly for testing FoTG stuff)
Pinky switch - cycle missile linking
Top HAT - disabled due to system limitations
Bottom left HAT:
up - targeting ship in reticle
down - target closest attacker
left - target next bomb/bomber
right - target next escort ship
Bottom right HAT:
up - cycle primaries forward
down - cycle primaries backward
left - cycle secondaries
right - equalize shields
Thumb rest HAT - shield quadrants control
Side wheel - disabled due to system limitations

Left button - fire CMs
Middle button - toggle glide
Right button - afterburner
Front HAT - POV control
Top HAT:
front - target next ship
back - target previous ship
up - target next hostile
down - target next friendly
Bottom HAT:
front - target subsystem in reticle
back - target next turret
up - next subsystem
down - previous subsystem
Thumbstick - press to jump out (no function for axes so far, but it's going to change, most likely to slide control)
Middle HAT - slide control (soon going to change, because I'm getting familiar with the manager)

Not all functions can be used, because appearantely, one device can have up to 32 buttons. While not an issue with multiple controlers, FS doesn't support that and thus, I have to combine the controlers into one using a manager profile, thus exceeding 32 button limit.


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Re: What joystick setups do you use?
I'm using actually a Saitek HOTAS X52 with the following configuration. I don't remember which action has been map in some buttons. It's been a while I didn't use my joystick until yesterday.