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Well, I only have so much time and so much patience.  Been retrying the MCO DOH campaign, simply because I used to enjoy MC2.  Spent the last 30 mins or so crashing out after less than 1 minute in game on the fleeing the spaceport mission.  Whatever seems to be killing it is up in the NE part of the starport.
Just about all I can say on behalf of this thing, is that at least nobody's had the balls to try to charge for it.  Hasn't been a single campaign that I've been able to play to completion due to repeated crashes.  Terrible game play experience.  This could be so much more, and it isn't.  And that's painful.
The whole weapon range thing kind of screws with tactics, load outs, etc.  While they never made much sense to me; IIRC, don't regular PPC's, Gausses, lighter AC's, and generally IS PPC class weapons all have minimum ranges in the Battletech universe?  Was suprised to see PPC/Gauss fire at point-blank range.  Conversely, shouldn't Clan LRM's have no minimum range?  As it sits right now, there is virtually no reason to equip you units with anything other than long-range weapons.  Why use a heavy AC, when you can use a Gauss and get longer range, better damage/hit, and less heat ... while still being able to fire point blank?
Actually, given the range of 'mech based LRM's, there's no real reason to equip units with anything else in open terrain.  In my gaming, 'mech based LRM's (both IS and Clan) even out range those in missle turrets.  In most open terrain fighting, my units rarely fire anything other than LRM's with hit-and-run tactics.  Basically anything that isn't an LRM is pretty much wasted space, unless you are on a compact map where there will be close combat.  Things like the Alternate config "G" of the Nova Cat seem to rule the open battlefield.  I thought that ER PPC's, Gausses, Clan ERLL's, Light Gausses, etc. all had longer ranges than LRM's.
Then there's the whole lack of available equipment thing.  Stripping salvaged 'mechs is okay, but there needs to be a removal all option.  Interface is painful for dumping all weapons, and sometimes the removal of weapons doesn't work the first time.  Even having stripped numerous Clan 'mechs in DoH, still don't have that much to work with.  And, purchasing has been disabled in most instances.  When purchasing is available, it's generally 1 of each item displayed available.  Have yet to see a Heavy Gauss Rifle.
With regard to the 'mechs in game.  I can't tell if they are randomly selected from a list or what.  No Fafnir's have made their appearance.  Some of the other 'mechs seem to be MIA too.  The "Prime" configuration of Clan 'mechs seems off. 

In short, this thing is terribly disappointing.  All I have to say is that at least I didn't spend time and money on it.  Spending time on it, thinking things would improve is bad enough.  Would have felt rather embarassed if I had also spent money on this.


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Sorry to hear that you haven't enjoyed it. This game is based on an old one, and it's currently in a state of WIP. Not to mention, the campaigns are all very old, and not made for this game version, but for the original ones. We tried to adapt them as much as our times allowed, and to be frankly, we haven't encountered such problems as you. I play/tested the entire Carver V campaign (the new version) and had NOT A SINGLE CRASH, except after beating the last mission because of the ending credits....

However, you are right with one thing : Weapon ranges are currently simply wrong and not working as intented. This is already known and fixed, because it also was a pain for me.... Minimum Ranges are now in again and will be released in the next version.

Regarding LRM's to outfit the entire mech ? Well you could do this of couse. Also I could build in a " i win" button into each mission, simple as that :)  Do your self the favour, and play the game as it is intented, or otherway said, as the canon fiction describe the mechs.

Currently (original) logistic allows of the current way of playing mechs with only LRM's, as long as there is room you can fit everything in, even make all with LRM's. This already sucked in the original game. This part wil be changed completly in the future (close to the MW4 mechlab way), but it's not possible to say when this will be done, because we only have 1 active coder working on that part, and it's one the biggest changes ever made to this game, and that affects everything and therefore takes time.

Same goes for buying / selling and everything else in mechlab. the current way of thing (which is indeed not really working as it should) is also a EARLY WIP.

Maybe you might try again in the future, that's up to you. Still, thank you for your feedback, every feedback is appreciated. :yes:

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crushes in DOH campaign is because of mission 11, not because of MCO. DOH mission 11 is fixed and download link updated.

Thank you for playing.


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Version 269 released!


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Thank you!


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276 uploaded!


I am in love with omnimech, loving all the new models and the fact your still updating even in 2013.
After the depressing news learning of Mechwarrior tactics (no mechcommander 3)  I went
off and played a few solo missions and felt much better.  I have one question when playing solo mission i can not select the shadow cat as a mech. Yet in the campaign for Exodus i managed to salvage one after many tries.  Is this a bug or intentional.  Personally the shadow ca is my favorite mech. I just used the one in my campaign  to single handily boss 2 hunchbacks :D 

But anyways thanks for all your continued work on this mod. 


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CanĀ“t download MCO version 276

I am a big fan of MC2. I replayed it several times, so I got really happy when I learnt about MCO.

The problem I have is that I am unable to download version 276 from moddb.

Is there any mirror I could use to downloat it?

Or maybe some of the people who downloaded it could send it to me via dropbox or mega or whatever could be used :-)

Thanks in advance!


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I am a big fan of MCO.
Thank you!


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MCO 304 released, check the first post.


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I'm getting this:
The file you have selected (MCOsetup304.exe) is not available via any mirrors. Please check back shortly as our servers update every 5 minutes. To access more download mirrors we encourage you to join the community, otherwise please be patient and keep trying.
When trying to get MCO 304 from ModDB. Any other mirrors?


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Alternate download link mediafire added to top.
(3 archive files up to 200MB - sorry free account, rapidshare wont allow free downloads any more)

New here to the site but have been playing MCO on my PC for a while without any serious problems. However I recently cleaned out my computer removing MCO. I downloaded 304 and went to play but appear to have resolution issues. If I change my screen resolution I can finally navigate the main menu but upon attempting to launch the mission I either crash or I am able to get in with severe HUD issues as well as a zoomed in screen. Searching the forum I found in 240 two characters that had the same issue and the patch given to them appears to have been deleted by a "bastard".


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Great game, but continues to crash with the mcorrel error.

Running wolf's dragoons

Error file attached

[attachment deleted by ninja]

I tried out the old new campaign after I saw the mod being made. While I in general like the new setup, there are some issues that break the whole gameplay:

- I'm not able to recruit new pilots in the campaign. I'm stuck to something like 6 or 7 pilots which hinders me on capturing new mechs. I either have to drop with low weight in order to get the mechs with spare pilots, or I cannot capture enemy mechs after I've shot them down.
- It would be nice to see some kind of "vehicle crew" as backup-pilot with just basic stats but able to pilot that thing, if I'm not able to recruit new pilots
- I want to be able to change the skills for pilots or add at least another skill - this can be outbalanced with a fee for "training" or maybe even a disadvantage you have to choose from (positive and negative quirks)
- I don't see any mechs being purchasable in the campaign. After I re-load a savegame, the mech hangar is empty. I wanted to buy a Raven in order to have at least one ECM-Mech... nope, nothing. I'm not sure why the mechs go blank, but a campaign without the ability to buy mechs is somewhat pointless
- The weapons need a little re-balance. There is a link between DPS/Alpha/Heat/Range/Ammo vs non-Ammo. Some lasers are simply too hot for what they bring in, while Autocannons do not have the DPS I think they should have (for their size. I could simply put in Heatinks and lasers in the same space and are done with it without the need for ammo) The missiles seem to be okay.
I play the game with limited ammo, which I see as the standard behavior.

In general, this mod got the potential to get onto the flair of Mechwarrior 2 Mercs / MC 1 - but it needs a little more polishing. The game-breaking bugs are sad, as they waste a lot of great potential and work-time.
Other than that, I like it very much!