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It couldn't be, could it? No, not possible...but maybe, no, I'm being silly...what was I thinking...

One of CVG's Heroes of the week!

Who?  Ellen McLain
Why?  For giving us hope

 We'd actually given up. Valve seem so concerned with service-based distractions and DoTA, we were wondering if we'd hear the hallowed name of the greatest FPS of all time (arguably...) ever again from its quarters. But that was before Ellen McLain's hubby told us the voice of GLaDOS was heading into the studio to record more Portal bits - and something for a "new game". It couldn't be. Could it?


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    >Gaben at E3 2012
    >Finished a demonstration of Dota 2
    >Suddenly, lights dim
    >Crowd falls dead silent
    >After a little while, Gabe's voice is heard
    >Oh, just one more thing
    >The number 3 fades in on the right side of the big screen
    >Crowd starts to get excited, but only a small "woow" rolls through the room before it is quit once again
    >The letter E appears on the left side of the screen
    >Crowd is now roaring
    >Gaben announces
    >Have a nice E3!

    >Gaben at E3 2012
    >brought in by industrial barge and lowered to the stage by cargo cranes
    >says he has a big announcement
    >talks about dota 2 first
    >says he's ready to make his announcement
    >pnematic tubes that feed him superdense potatoes lower down
    >gabe announces that he is close to reaching critical mass and his time of accension is soon
    >deep within his folds the pressure grows too great and nuclear fusion begins
    >glowing now Gabe announces episode 3
    >he rises into the air getting brighter and brighter every second
    >'goodbye my children, now i must leave this planet'
    >he ascends into the cosmos to take his rightfull place in the celestial order.
    >his star shines brightest, watching over us
    >world peace is eventually declared
    >common disease is wiped out and poverty abolished
    > we send a mission to mars and begin our journey into the great cosmic ocean | FatHax | ??????
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