Author Topic: Regular VS SSE(2) Weirdness  (Read 1260 times)

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Regular VS SSE(2) Weirdness
The E advised me to download the latest nightly build. Since I have an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, which, according to Wikipedia, supports SSE2, I downloaded that version.

The sound was crappy, even after downloading the OpenAL Soft DLL.

Worst of all, the camera was super laggy. Every time I moved the mouse or the joystick, my view moved in this extremely choppy way that was just intolerable.

I decided to switch back to my previous build, which still did not have this issue. Unfortunately I had saved over my FRED missions I had been testing with the latest build of FRED, so they would no longer run on my previous FS2 build.  :banghead:

After hours of frustration, I downloaded the latest regular (non SSE{2}) nightly build and lo and behold.....

everything was perfect.

I fail to understand this. Theoretically, gameplay should be better on the SSE(2) build if my computer supports it but it was not. I'd like some sort of insight into this.

Not that it matters now that everything is fixed.

I'd just like to know, that's all.

Also, I had noticed something in-game that I was going to post as a feature request but in my frustration over the new build I forgot what it was.  :blah:

EDIT: I take that back. The sound is only marginally better. If there's a lot of stuff going on at one time it still sounds horrendous. Especially explosions. Like a train wreck.


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Re: Regular VS SSE(2) Weirdness
Which previous build was the previous one?


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Re: Regular VS SSE(2) Weirdness
good old fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF


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Re: Regular VS SSE(2) Weirdness
Try this slightly older nightly build that has the sound code hacks to (help) fix some of your sound volume issues.
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