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Re: Semi-Random Screenshot Thread
Support ships require microtransactions?
[16:57] <CommanderDJ> What prompted the decision to split WiH into acts?
[16:58] <battuta> it was long, we wanted to release something
[16:58] <battuta> it felt good to have a target to hit
[17:00] <RangerKarl> not sure if talking about strike mission, or jerking off
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> WUT
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> hahahahaha
[17:00] <battuta> hahahaha
[17:00] <RangerKarl> same thing really, if you think about it


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Re: Semi-Random Screenshot Thread
Hm... Axem, if u could add that little dog from the windows search to your mod i proably could get my mother to play this game^^

She was VERY pissed when i finaly found out how to get rid of it^^