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Star Conflict: monthly update
Hi again, everyone,

I'd like to revive the topic about Star Confclit MMO space action that I first started here

Star Conflict, a dynamic new MMO action game that puts you at the helm of a space ship to fight in the star fleets' massive battles! It offers various PVP-modes, plenty of RPG system elements, dozens of original-looking battle spaceships and accurately designed social features.

Well, since my previous post which was at the end of October a lot of things happend and here are some of them:

1) Alpha-versoin gameplay was demostrated to a really popular MMO specialised Russian portal
There are no subs in English but these coments were not significant anyway, so here the vid (on the top):

2) MMORPG Italia had an interview with Star Comflict's producer and they published it in both English and Italian on their website

3) On of the weekly updates on contains description of all interactive and customisable elements of a 'medium fighter' (applicable to any medium fighter in SC)
Check out what these are made of there:

4) Lots of new screenshots were revealed. GUIs seem to be sort of a secret thou but Alpha version in-game visual are available at
And I'm gonna put some of them here too

5) And the last but not least - Star Gem (the devs) gave a pack of answeres to some of those questions that forum community had asked.
Lots of new details there:

And some more Artworks are also available now at, all of them have been created by karanak


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Re: Star Conflict: monthly update
I feel compelled to ask what those claws(or grippers) have for function?

All in all, i am excited about this game, specially cause i was upgrading my system anyway and i can probably afford playing this game without wanting to kill myself(not because the game is bad, but because my patience with my system is running thinner by the week)

Also, the "bullets" that the ship fires in picture 2, are they distorted by the shockwave in front of the ship? Because if not, it's been a while since i saw that style of weapons fire since Freelancer and i like it. :D

Also x2, PVE?


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Re: Star Conflict: monthly update
Thanks for your interest!
Well, this particular model has never been described by the Devs yet, so I can't really speak of it's functionality not inventing anything on the go  :D
Let's just get to the Beta when they start it and find it out by ourself
Yup, I guess these railgun shots look a lot like those in Freelancer   :p


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Re: Star Conflict: monthly update
You know it is still really weird to see karanak's work outside of DeviantArt
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Re: Star Conflict: monthly update
Ah i see Zak, well, keep me posted when they do describe the, i'm guessing EA equipment, function

and headdie, nice find, that guy is good o.o


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Re: Star Conflict: monthly update
You know it is still really weird to see karanak's work outside of DeviantArt

What's really cool, acknowledged and pretty obvious, is that one of his design influences for his ships is the X games. His fighters, especially, borrow heavily from X3 style Argon. (He released a drawing a while back showing his influences, the X Superbox was on there). That last concept art posted, and the related falcon, both have the fuselage of the X3 Argon Nova.
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