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"Uh, Sir we can hear the explosion."
"No you can't, there is no air in space. Sound can't travel through a vacuum!"


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I don't mean to be mean or anything but.. is this the general noob meeting thread or something ?
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there was not a BFGreen in retail FRED.
The BFGreen existed in the retail game, just not in the retail campaign. :p


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According to the Wiki page it was equipped on the Colossus in Endgame, but cannot fire due to its positioning.  I believe it was initially intended to be featured by default on the Colossus when the Colossus had a lot more turrets than it ended up with in retail.  It was definitely in retail FRED.
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Well, if the BFBlue is like the BFGreen, which is just an overloaded BGreen/(HBlue), it would make sense for it to have less range--exchange stability/focus/range for power. 
Possible, but it doesn't seem like the GTVA masters enough the technology of meson-based blue beams to overload them with any kind of safety. They already doubt the safety of normally-fired HBlues.

No, an overloaded BGreen is an LRBGreen, which has double the range. The BFGreen, like the BFBlue, isn't anything.
Code: [Select]
$Name: BFGreen
+Tech Title: XSTR( "Overloaded 'Crypt Hammer'", -1 )
+Tech Description: XSTR( "During its engagement with the Sathanas juggernaught, the GTVA Colossus overloaded its 'Crypt Hammer' beam emitters, forcing additional power to the magnetic bottle and increasing plasma core feed rates. Overloading beam weapons is not standard practice on GTVA warships, but as confidence in power grid and heat sink handling has increased, trained crews have begun drilling on tactical weapon overloads. This comes at the cost of subspace engine recharge and emitter endurance.",  -1 )
$Flags: ( "same turret cooldown" )

$Name: LRBGreen
$Flags: ( "same turret cooldown" )
Someone doesn't know his tables.
Code: [Select]
$Name: Colossus ;! Object #5
$Class: GTVA Colossus
$Team: Friendly
$Location: 3905.276855, 3992.035400, 31358.669922
-0.998462, -0.034167, -0.043676,
-0.029340, 0.993853, -0.106756,
0.047055, -0.105310, -0.993326
$AI Behavior: None
+AI Class: General
$AI Goals: ( goals ( ai-chase "Sathanas" 50 ) )
$Cargo 1:  XSTR("Nothing", 13)
+Initial Velocity: 33
+Initial Hull: 100
+Initial Shields: 100
+Subsystem: Pilot
+Subsystem: turret01a
+Subsystem: turret02a
+Subsystem: turret03a
+Subsystem: turret04a
+Subsystem: turret05a
+Subsystem: turret06a
+Subsystem: turret07a
+Subsystem: turret08a
+Subsystem: turret09a
+Subsystem: turret10a
+Subsystem: turret11
+Subsystem: turret12
+Subsystem: turret13
+Subsystem: turret14
+Subsystem: turret15
+Subsystem: turret16
+Subsystem: turret17
+Subsystem: turret18
+Subsystem: turret19
+Subsystem: turret20
+Subsystem: turret21
+Subsystem: turret22
+Subsystem: turret23
+Subsystem: turret24
+Subsystem: turret25
+Subsystem: turret26
+Subsystem: turret27
+Subsystem: turret28
+Subsystem: turret29
+Subsystem: turret30
+Subsystem: turret31
+Subsystem: turret32
+Subsystem: turret33
+Subsystem: turret34
+Subsystem: turret35
+Subsystem: turret36
+Subsystem: turret37
+Subsystem: turret38
+Primary Banks: ( "AAAf" )
+Subsystem: turret39
+Primary Banks: ( "AAAf" )
+Subsystem: turret40
+Subsystem: turret41
+Subsystem: turret42
+Primary Banks: ( "AAAf" )
+Subsystem: turret43
+Primary Banks: ( "ULTRA Anti-Fighter Beam" )
+Subsystem: turret44
+Primary Banks: ( "ULTRA Anti-Fighter Beam" )
+Subsystem: turret45
+Primary Banks: ( "ULTRA Anti-Fighter Beam" )
+Subsystem: turret46
+Primary Banks: ( "ULTRA Anti-Fighter Beam" )
+Subsystem: turret47
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret48
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret49
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret50
+Primary Banks: ( "TerSlash" )
+Subsystem: turret51
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret52
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret53
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret54
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret55
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret56
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret57
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret58
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret59
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret60
+Primary Banks: ( "LRBGreen" )
+Subsystem: turret61
+Subsystem: turret62
+Subsystem: turret63
$Arrival Location: Hyperspace
$Arrival Cue: ( true )
$Departure Location: Hyperspace
$Departure Cue: ( false )
$Determination: 10
+Flags: ( "cargo-known" "no-shields" "escort" )+Respawn priority: 0

+Escort priority: 5
+Group: 0
+Score: 10000
Someone doesn't know his missions.


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I actually had a dream about FS the other night.

I was a pilot on the Olemus and it and its battlegroup went to an alternate universe, the BP universe.  (Similar to how the Orestes and its fleet went to an 'alternate' universe for a time)