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Burning Heaven Campaign Launched + Patch 1.1!

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I am pleased to announce that Burning Heaven, a miniseries campaign, is now launched!

Version 1.1 is now up!

Version 1.1 Download Link: 1.03 GB
Burning Heaven v1.01 on FSMods

Watch the Launch Trailer while it's downloading!

1.1 Updates:
- Major fixes to buggy .pof's (Thanks The_E)
- Resolved issue with Missions 3 warpout
- Fixed Mission 1 bugs
- Resolved Red Alert issues
- Improved volume levels of certain dialogue
- Optimized numerous files and tables
- Removed unnecessary files

Because 1.1 has several critical fixes and because almost every .vp was worked with and optimized, you should remove all version 1 files and replace them with version 1.1. Download link should be above as soon as Swantz.

Burning Heaven is a project I've been working on since this summer. It is fully voice acted, features new/modified ships, a dynamic storyline, custom music, unique environments, and much more.

The actions of a few can inspire a revolution. Experience the events that led to the creation of the Galactic Terran Alliance. Set before the discovery of Subspace, the Terran race battles throughout the Sol System for freedom from a tyrannical government. Play as Phoenix Squadron, a rebel group that refused to turn back following the collapse of a rebellion for independence. The world will change depending on decisions you make. Pilots may leave your squadron if they are not satisfied with the way you are leading. You directly control the fate of many. Will you lead through fear or chivalry?

Thank you to the entire HLP community for answering many of the questions I've had throughout the process of making this project. Enjoy!

Connor "Lone Knight" Norman

EDIT by Swantz: Added link to fsmods. :)
EDIT by LoneKnight: Added 1.1 information, woot!
EDIT by Swantz: Updated link for v1.01

Commander Zane:
And I was just thinking of what mod to play. Looks like I walked into the answer. :yes:

You give me purpose this day. Downloading now!

hi all
Can someone upload them to fsmods please

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