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[SIZE=4]HELP ME!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
how do i change the target directory? Here is what the instructions say to do:
All of the subprojects that rely on the FS2 data tree to run (code, fred2,
freespace2, nebedit, pofview) are all currently targeted at


which is the directory I had on my local hard drive for putting this together.
Before you'll really be able to do anything, you'll need to point the targets
at wherever your local FS2 install is (make sure to make a copy of your
installed executables so you can backtrack!).

To change the destination in MsDev, you'll need to change
settings->debug->executable for debug session
settings->debug->working directory
settings->link->output file name

How do i do that?
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depends on your build enviroment and compiler... most people use MSVC, in which case his instructions are very strait forward... if your using a different compiler... you'll just have to read a few help files to figure out how to change the output paths
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is MSVC downloadable?


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No, it's about 100 dollars, if you can find version 6
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do i need a compiler?


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that is the compiler
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I know that part. but do i have to have one or does having one just make things easier?


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Yes, you need a compiler. It's unconpiled source code ;)
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Offline Edwin

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is there any way to download a compiler?
even a small cheap (as in cheasy not inexspensive.) one?


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Originally posted by Edwin
is there any way to download a compiler?
your source code slave