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Teaching myself assembly
As a boredom-killer for when I'm out of town and unable to use my game dev machine, I have taken up the clumsy art and exact science that is assembly code.  Toying around with the x86 instruction set at the moment, and I just wrote my first real piece of code:

Code: [Select]
org 100h

; set screen to 80x23 chars, 16 colors
mov al,3     
int 10h

; enable all 16 colors
mov bx,0
int 10h

; set the segment register
mov ax,0b800h
mov ds,ax                 

; print the characters
; every other byte is used because
; the first byte assigned is the ascii character
mov [02h], 'H'
mov [04h], 'e'
mov [06h], 'l'
mov [08h], 'l'
mov [0ah], 'o'
mov [0ch], ','
mov [0eh], ' '
mov [10h], 'W'
mov [12h], 'o'
mov [14h], 'r'
mov [16h], 'l'
mov [18h], 'd'

; Functionally the same as "press any key to continue"
mov ah,0
int 16h


Now, none of this is really all that difficult--it's the protected mode stuff that really is a mind-rape to me.  Where would you guys recommend I look to to leran more?
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Re: Teaching myself assembly

The only assembly language I know is G-code for CNC machines. Good luck with whatever you intend to do with what you're working with!
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Re: Teaching myself assembly
Don't know how much it will be a help, but here's some pages on cracking assembly and related tutorials.
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Re: Teaching myself assembly
youre better off learning asm on something with a smaller instruction set, like a microcontroller.

theres also this if you want to continue using x86
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Re: Teaching myself assembly
Any assembly I've learned was on a 68k. Significantly less mid-rapey than x86. May be a better base to start with.

EDIT: and there are plenty of free emulators to test the 68k code out on.

Re: Teaching myself assembly
Assembly is the devil's own because doing anything really useful (writing to the screen/etc) is extremely platform specific.
Best way to get into assembly is to use it. Seems to be easiest to do that under Linux (but watch out for AT&T style syntax instead of Intel style syntax).

Hope you've been finding assembly not too bad!
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