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Macross Multiple Targets Missile Lock

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General Battuta:

--- Quote from: NGTM-1R on March 16, 2012, 12:31:16 am ---Spoon has hacked it in sort of.

--- End quote ---

My good companion Spoon has worked out how to do it with heatseekers, which is brilliant, but not the same thing at all.


--- Quote from: NGTM-1R on March 16, 2012, 12:31:16 am ---Spoon has hacked it in sort of.
--- End quote ---
I have done no such thing. All I ever did was use the "untargeted heat seeker" flag which a coder (I dont even know who to give credit for that flag) implented somewhere in .11

Swifty (by my request) has been working on multi locking aspect seekers since last year january but he kept running into a bunch of obstacles that makes it hard to implent the feature.

I implemented the heat seeker version in like 2 seconds because of the untargeted heat seeker flag.

I was indeed wondering if multiple aspect locks could be done like in that video.  I found getting a lock on to be much more fun even with lots and lots of missiles but watching them all travel to only one ship is as boring as it is funny.  I want them to go everywhere!

But I can only do that with heat seekers. :(

I'm not a coder or scripter.

Nuke said he had a working system a while back, but it was hard-coded for a specific weapon type. I'm not sure what sort of script it was in or where it was at.

The gigantic challenge right now is allowing the system I wrote to fit nicely with the multiplayer code. I had rewritten a portion of the lock code to be a bit more elegant and allow for more interesting lock types. However, the engine communicates lock information via packets in multiplayer in order to verify who is firing what at who.

If you have multiple aspect seekers, the process that's responsible for running the gameplay needs to know which targets those seekers are locked on to so people can't just spawn a bunch of weapon fire packets unfairly set to home in on a player. I have to make sure the engine somehow sends network lock data for each and every seeker. It's doable but tricky.

A good question is why even bother getting this working in multiplayer and just make it a singleplayer feature. Well, then that would mean that I have to develop and maintain two different codepaths for the lock code and the lock-weapon interaction. It's more overhead, could introduce a whole slew of bugs, and just messy if someone else needs to do modifications to the weapon and locking code. Plus, this isn't just for multilock missiles, this work is also for a bunch of new locking behavior I'm planning on implementing.


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