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Re: Megatraveller / Pen-and-Paper RPGs
Pfft, it's not the Binder of Shame.
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Re: Megatraveller / Pen-and-Paper RPGs
We've got some cool stuff here, keep it coming.

I didn't know Mechwarrior had an RPG form. I figured that without, you know, mechs it would be pretty pointless, and there's the board game for that. I'll definitely give it a shot, as it looks like the quick-start rules are free (!). Also Traveller Pocket Edition if I can get started with only one or two books.

I'll look into Pathfinder and Savage Worlds as well, as they sound like good rules to start with, but I'm not sure if I can work with too much vagueness in setting at this point.

I will not play or think about FATAL. And I'm way too unprepared to look at Exalted, though maybe if my group loves whatever we do and is willing to advance to it.


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Re: Megatraveller / Pen-and-Paper RPGs
Oh scourge, you can even combine the two(MW RPG and BT Boardgame).

For instance, if you travel somewhere in the RPG that will end up in mech/vehicle combat, you can opt to use the boardgame to resolve combat, seeing as a mechwarrior character(you can be a tech and other classes too) needs to have piloting skills, else he's just a random guy who can shoot something with his rifle xD