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The Starshatter source, a guided tour
A guided tour through the Starshatter codebase

NOTE: For the moment, this is just a very high-level overview over the various projects that make up the Starshatter solution.

1. Utility libraries
   -libpng -- Provides PNG read/write capability
   -Zlib -- Basic zip compression support
   -Opcode -- A collision detection library (see also: )
2. Utilities
   -Magic -- The Starshatter model converter. Currently understands 3DS and OBJ.
   -Datafile -- A commandline utility to create/modify the .dat files used by Starshatter
3. Main Starshatter codebase
   -nGenEx -- Low-level utility stuff used by Starshatter. Video output stuff, UI, all of that happens here
   -Stars -- The main Starshatter exe, game logic etc.
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