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Did anyone play the first one of these games? I've seen a few vids from Total Biscuit and it looks like it might be a riot:

I'm not one for MMOs but this one seems like it could be a blast. Similiar to the old . . . Battletech MUDs of old except FPS.


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I hate MMORPGs. I truly do. In no other genre do developers tend to so massively (cough) and overtly compromise gameplay because of sheer greed and employ abusive/explotive gameplay mechanics which hint at a fundamental lack of respect towards their playerbase.

Yet there are exceptions. Guildwars 2 especially and Planetside 2 as well, is what I do have an eye on.
Guildwars 2 because it appears to be a honest effort to rethink MMORPGs from the ground up - without the bull**** - and Planetside 2... because, while I frankly do not know all that much about it, I was somewhat impressed from trying the first game and would hope that due to it being an MMOFPS, it may hopefully avoid most of the pitfalls of traditional MMORPGs as well. At least the first game, already felt more like an FPS than a gear treadmill MMO. ;)

As I tried Planetside 1 a while ago it sadly also felt (of course) very dated and while there were quite a few larger battles going on - it was nothing too out of the ordinary (i.e. comparable to what you see in Battlefield as well)
Yet... you could sure see the potential and what it must have looked like during its glory days.

Certain guildmates are still occasionally overcome with nostalgy when talking about Planetside 1 and the days when the sky became dark with dropships and it rained soldiers from the sky. 
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A friend of mine is really into Planetside 1.
It's not an MMORPG, its a Massive Multiplayer Online Shooter.

He told me last year that he likes mostly the tools for Teamwork.
You are always part of a Team, and there are tools to give ingame orders like Attack/Defence or setting waypoints.

It's a little bit like Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 there the Squadleaders and Commanders can give orders, only with more players.


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I'm optimistic that it could be something to scratch the itch once satisfied by Allegiance.