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Hi All,
On and off I've played the open project the last few years. What this forum represents when a group puts their will to something is unbelievable.

I've mucked around with FRED before but decided I wanted to try going big. Attached is the result.

Stand alone mission, large scale (BOE...ish), set after Capella. Started, restarted again over about 6 months. Some rescaling done on Cap Ships HP to allow prolonged BOE type scenario.

Hopefully my offering can return something 'small' for all the good times I've had from this project. Brief backstory in command briefing - not setting timeframes.

First mission and first release.  Feedback welcomed. Looking to make a actual BOE version (not 6 months again). If missed posting etiquette open to trolling... but not playing is enough revenge for me :).

Wrapped up briefing/debriefing and events in the last week. Errors/Typos etc please let me know. In brief decided time to throw it out there!

Thanks and credit for tutorials/instructions go to for backgrounds/events and general knowhow to;




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Hey, thanks for un-lurking dude. Expect feedback from the HLP community (of which you are part of) soon!

That's a nice start. I am also making missions, are really fun but difficult, keep it up, and try doing more missions, fredding is all about practice :D


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oooh ooooh! New Missionz! And not a moment to soon, was getting a bit bored just now!

<21:08:30>   Hartzaden fires a slammer at Cybertrance
<21:09:13>   Crybertrance pops flares, but wonders how Hartzaden acquired aspect lock on a stealth fighter... :\
<21:11:58>   *** The_E joined #bp [email protected]
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<21:12:58>   Hartzaden continues to paint crybertrance and feeding the info to a wing of gunships
<21:14:07>   Crybertrance sends emergency "IM GETING MY ASS KICKED HERE!!!!eleventy NEED HELPZZZZ" to 3rd fleet command
<21:14:50>   Hartzaden jamms the transmission.
<21:14:51>   The_E explodes the sun