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Re: Descent Task Force Rebooted & D1 18th Anniversary!

Actually, if you're interested in playing with hardware, and you always are, I was playing with a ball-bearing roller the other day. And, it just happened to be the size of a thumb trackball. Replacing the thumb button or hat on a joystick with a trackball would be really damn cool, to say the least. I suppose pushing in on it could be the same as the right click.
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Re: Descent Task Force Rebooted & D1 18th Anniversary!
i was thinking of something like a psp joystick or a blackberry trackball (theyre hall effect and sparkfun sells em). my idea is to put the thumbstick/mouse where the thumb button/hat would be, but also include a hat switch above it as well as a trim wheel to complete the cluster. high up buttons and switches on joysticks annoy me to no end. i want to bring them down so my thumb doesnt go numb during a game of mwll because of all the camera zooming you need to do. i plan to clip the whole top of of the joystick, having it go no higher than the trigger assembly. it means less space for buttons, but  theres still room for pinkie switches, possibly a dual or staged trigger, maybe an analog trigger (variable speed gatling guns!), a rocker switch just above the trigger.
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Re: Descent Task Force Rebooted & D1 18th Anniversary!
Quote from: Nuke
everything nuke is saying about a custom joystick

I love this idea.  If I had the time, tools, knowledge and experience I'd probably just end up creating a simple replica of the Sidewinder 3D Pro with more buttons and switchable support between DirectInput and XInput -- because I just love that thing and for Descent I really think there is no substitute.  <3 the 3D Pro.  I'm planning on building a USB converter soon myself.


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Re: Descent Task Force Rebooted & D1 18th Anniversary!
the was the panther-xl

you can buy an update kit  here :

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