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Hello everybody, today I'd like to present you my very first model ever.
It's a Terran fighter, roughly based on Apache helicopter shape.
Seems like purely coincidently this also turns out to be the first model released in the modeling contest, which is nice, since really everybody with a mouse should be able to produce something better. So, there you go, lowest possible hurdle in place, the game is on.
The model is complete with turret, debris, 2 lods, table, and shield-hud-element
The textures are not overwhelmingly good, but I couldn't come up with anything better, maybe someone else can.

Ingame description:
The TF Zelos is one of the oldest one-seater fighter designs still in use, with a very limited number of vessels in active GTA service, and a slightly greater number being active in mercenary groups, but a long record of service, dating back to the end of the Unification Wars. The Zelos has very limited primary firepower, as well as a low top speed and is a bit lacking in terms of maneuverability, but to counter that, features three secondary banks, good armour, and very unique for its class: a turret mounted below the cockpit. Thus, the Zelos is best used as a heavy missiles platform that keeps its distance, not going toe to toe with the enemy ships. Being a very old ship, only the most recently upgraded Zelos models in GTA service are equipped to commence in-system-jumps, and no model is able to jump between systems by itself.

here you can have a look: (it does look slightly better ingame, because i don't have pro membership with p3d, I can't upload shine-maps etc., also i'm too stupid to get the smoothing to work properely in p3d)
TF Zelos (View in 3D)

in the unlikely situation that you want to use this, there is no need for credits of any form, and you have every right to change the model in any way you like
let me know if something doesn't work as it should
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 Surfing the netz, I rediscovered a tool can help with texture details. It's called HullGen.

Ship looks good. :yes: For some reason, now I ache for a FSO remake of this:


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looking good mate.

I tinkered hill hull gen a while back but couldnt get results that i was happy with
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