Author Topic: What is the best control (between mouse, joystick and joypad) ?  (Read 6091 times)

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Re: What is the best control (between mouse, joystick and joypad) ?
yea. when games start lacking the ability for players to use an inverted mouse, i really start to worry. we shouldnt be giving console peasants all the power.
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Re: What is the best control (between mouse, joystick and joypad) ?
i've never had that problem, since i don't use invert (in fact i need to be able to invert-invert in FS winknudge), but I agree that is a basic option that can't be difficult to do and should be included.  my main gripe though is the PISS POOR response to mouse movement in several of the last few games i've played.  most notably and the worst offender, crysis 2.  aiming isn't smooth AT ALL.  you have to move the mouse a fairly substantial distance to get that first bit of movement out of the crosshair (or throw accuracy to the wind and jerk), and when it finally does move, the granularity is several pixels at a time.  i know it's not my mouse, because it works BEAUTIFULLY in crysis 1 and plenty of other games with the same mouse settings (which IIRC are full sensitivity and acceleration/smoothing enabled.  it creates situations when i'm trying to snipe at significant distances where i literally can't line up the shot properly, because the crosshairs jump over where i need them to be.  hell, even close range aiming is harder than it should be.

.... so yeah, joysticks are awesome for freespace.  :nervous:
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Re: What is the best control (between mouse, joystick and joypad) ?
I don't get great fine aim control with my joystick, but I could still never imagine playing FS with anything but a stick.  I think that goes all the way back to when I first played Descent at a friend's house: he had a joystick there, so I started out using it, and I've just kept doing so for any flight-related game ever since.


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Re: What is the best control (between mouse, joystick and joypad) ?
FWIW, there was something wrong with Dead Space (first one) where you had to shut off vsync as it caused input lag and then force it to on in your video card control panel (to keep it from tearing due to vsync being off, but for whatever reason, forcing on in control panel didn't cause the lag, I guess it was a problem in the game code or something).

So you might want to Google around and see if there's something like that going on with Crysis 2.

Also, where is the option fro Mouse with toggleable joystick script?  ;7