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Hello, everyone.

I would just like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the makers of Diaspora: Shattered Armistice. As someone who both owns and enjoys the Battlestar Galactica series, I was dubious that perhaps this would be a bit of a turkey. I wasn't particularly impressed with the browser-based game that's also available, and after seeing this game mentioned over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I figured I'd give it a go.

And oh. My. God. I was wrong to have been even slightly worried. This game is so well made, and such care has been taken to reproduce an authentic BSG atmosphere, that I felt like I was a pilot on the show. The missions are fun and faithful to the show, the unit models are quite simply gorgeous, and the feeling you get when you nail a particularly harrowing missions is fantastic. The controls are a little fiddly for a keyboard-and-mouse user but that's to be expected with any flight sim that isn't Battlefield 3 - but even so, it works.

Considering this is a free game, yet such high standards of quality have been met, I for one feel very, very lucky that we have such gifted and meticulous modders among us.

Well done, this is a storming success as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks ever so much!  :D



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Heh, when I first read the thread title I thought it was a complaint on the game being too hard  :p  Anyway, glad you enjoyed the game!
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Thanks a lot|
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