Author Topic: Can you increase the HUD Brightness?  (Read 1041 times)

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Can you increase the HUD Brightness?
Just a quick question for the devs - how do you increase the HUD brightness?  I usually have mine on the high setting, but I can't seem to change it in the game.

The HUD will usually get lost in a bright background like a planet and it makes the reticle tough to track.

Re: Can you increase the HUD Brightness?
If you're on PC at least, hit the L key to toggle the HUD a bit brighter. And if you want general brightness, there's an option if you hit F2 (but that'll turn up the backgrounds too). What you're looking for is L.


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Re: Can you increase the HUD Brightness?
You can change the HUD colours to brighter colours, too, from the F2 menu.
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Re: Can you increase the HUD Brightness?
this is not possible in Diaspora at the moment. the HUD menu has been removed, so you can only set the HUD contrast whit L key.
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