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Models - Comments and Critiques

PREAMBLE: Please take no offense to this thread. Any postings herein should be constructive and well-meaning, with the ultimate intent of producing a software package of superior quality. Angering modelers or moderators is done at one's own expense...


I've been looking over some of Diaspora's assets for a while now. There's nothing to plainly complain about, and doing so would be... very crass indeed. However, a frank, open discussion about details on some ships may help bring about either (a.) clarifications to those making inquiries, or possibly even (b.) fixes and improvements to existing assets.

That said, I'd like to draw attention to the standard Raider. In the series, you will note that only two of the fighter's three engines are ever seen lit, while the upper engine... typically serves some unknown function. In Diaspora, this engine is lit, and probably should not be. Fortunately, changing this (or fixing this, should this be an error) should be comparably simple. Any thoughts?
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Re: Models - Comments and Critiques
Eh, if you're going to make the tail gun in the Mark VII fireable, may as well light up the middle raider engine. Though it could be cool if it only lit up if the afterburner was on. Is that a thing the engine can do?

Kudos, by the way, for making the tail gun optional. While it always weirded me out in BTRL, whatever changed with the convergence solved the problem of only being able to hit around things in the VII, so I ended up opting for more bullet rather than on-screen accuracy. Still, it's the thought that counts.

Another thread speculating on between-mission art of the Theseus's hangar deck reminded me that I couldn't figure out how the hangars fit in. It's got alternating upside-down launch tubes like the Pegasus, but the space between the flight decks is doesn't seem tall enough to accommodate two hangar decks floor-to-floor like I assume was the case on the Pegasus (which still required that the launch tubes either have an elevator or a slanted section). [ETA: Actually, I just checked, and there's a lot more space between the deck and the tubes than it seemed in the pre-release screenshots. So I guess it is doable.]

I noticed that your Raptor in Mission 3 launches from an elevator on the outer side of the flight pod. The hangars are on the inner side. If that elevator went down, it'd go right through the ends of the launch tubes. Actually, there are no gaps between tubes like there are on Galactica and Pegasus, so there's no place for the elevators to go on the other side, either, unless the hangar design is radically different (or has some lucky launch tubes that can only be loaded when the elevator is down).

(I'm sorry, this feels really nitpick-y and ungrateful. The fact that the game exists with so much polish is a great accomplishment, and I feel bad pointing out anything that isn't a show-stopper).
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Re: Models - Comments and Critiques
It's okay. We're ridiculously nit-picky ourselves. :)
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