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The One Moment That Just Killed My Interest in Doctor Who
The mediocrity of the second last season made me not watch the last season, and then I heard pretty much nothing but bad things about it. But I just now decided to check out the Revolution of the Daleks special.

I thought it was pretty weak writing-wise again, but then, it happened.

The Doctor's personality does change after regenerations, but there are constants. One constant was a respect for life. Even Dalek life. Remember the Doctor that couldn't just send a bomb up to a Sontaren ship, that had to go up there and give them a choice, even though he knew what the outcome would be, they would all die anyway, with The Doctor? Remember the futile efforts to reason with the Daleks, despite full knowledge that it was futile? Remember the shame of the Doctor that told the dalek about wiping out the dalek race, after the anguish of the dalek's reply?

This Doctor? This one after luring the Daleks to a deathtrap calls up the Daleks to mock them for doing her dirty work, for falling into her trap, and gleefully informs them of their imminent deaths. Then happily kills them and goes on with her life. Oh, and also sacrificed a TARDIS to do so.

The Doctor is supposed to be a hero. A role model. That is the furthest thing in the World from a hero and a role model, from moral goodness.
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Re: The One Moment That Just Killed My Interest in Doctor Who
That was the fourth Doctor. In both old and new who he's genocided the Daleks plenty of times often while mocking them.
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