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Miner Wars 2081 released!
It's been floating around our consciousness for the past few years, but it's finally released yesterday! Plus it's on sale a little too.

Steam store page


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Re: Miner Wars 2081 released!
I'm gonna guess that in the game, China is the real reason for the destruction of Earth.


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Re: Miner Wars 2081 released!
Just bought it.  I can't wait to be a useless piece of **** all day and mine all these asteroids.

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Re: Miner Wars 2081 released!
as much as i want to buy this, i'm actually going to stick to my self-imposed moratorium on game buying.  i was weak and impulse bought arma II that i didn't even really want while i already have a sizeable backlog i DO want to play.  and then after spending 15 minutes trying to get started, i got the feeling i'm not going to like it at all.  so no more buying games until there's something i absolutely know i want to play there and then. and demos.  definitely gonna go back to those.  if anyone still releases them.
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Re: Miner Wars 2081 released!
I bought this game while it was alpha... and I still haven't updated, I just can't find the willpower to do so... I don't know why.