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Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
FSO builds also have release candidates; since there'll be a new version, it should probably be a release candidate first.
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Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
Does anybody know where wxLauncher stores profile? I want to make some kind of portable version.


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Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
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Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
With Knossos being used by lots these days, is a new wxLauncher version still possible in the future (for Windows)?  I have all my campaigns on that.


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Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
There are some changes that have not been merged yet but other than that there doesn't seem to be anything missing from wxLauncher at this point. It may be a good idea to make an official release of 0.12 but other than that there are not a lot of reasons for continuing the development of wxLauncher.

Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
Hi all,

I decided to get back into FSO and downloaded the latest built, mediaVPs, and wxLauncher (tried YAL first).

In YAL, I could choose Anisotropic filtering and Anti aliasing level.  In wxLauncher I can't.

Now I read that AF/AA settings don't work with Windows version of FSO (which is what I'm using). 

So should these settings be configured in the nVidia Control panel (forced basically) in order to have them or is there some other way of enabling them in Windows?


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Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
I'm not sure about anisotropic filtering but at least anti-aliasing does nothing for FSO since most of the work is done with framebuffer objects which are not affected by the AA settings of the driver.

Forcing anisotropic filtering in the driver would probably work although I think that there was a change to FSO recently that allowed the user to configure the AF setting somehow.

Re: RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]
If you have the GPU horsepower, DSR (VSR on AMD) is pretty effective. It's basically the brute force way of anti-aliasing but I've found that 4k DSR on a 1080p display for example gets rid of practically all aliasing.

There's also FXAA in the wxLauncher advanced options. Very light on performance although it does slightly blur the image.

Aliasing in general isn't a huge problem in FS because of the nature of the graphics, which is typically low frequency and low contrast content against a dark background.