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Introduction To Freespace Blueplanet At War (As Viewed On Support Forum)

Freespace BluePlanet At War: Details the final weeks of a civil war between the government of Earth and the GTVA after contact was re-established. It contains all ships from the Blueplanet Universe as well as a few new one

This Mod is for Sins Of A Solar Empire, Which is a Critically Acclaimed 4X Real Time Strategy Game Made By IronClad Studios, and published by StarDock.   

The Features Of This Mod Will Include The Following:

Canon Ships In High Detail
Freespace Feeling Into Sins Of A Solar Empire
Single Player And Multiplayer LAN & Online
A New Main Menu
Heaps Of New Abilitys To Capture The Freespace Feeling
Custom Music To Enlighten The BluePlanet Theme
New UI And Extras To Fit In With The Mod

Vader111 - Project Lead, Jack Of All Trades, Coder
Justinas91 - Head Of Public Relations, Bug Hunter, Alpha Testing
Servatrix - 3D Modeller, 2D Artist (Texture), Alpha Testing

Moddb Page


First Gameplay Video (Note This Was Very WIP When Made, Things Have Changed)

Other Info:
I have 3 Members in the production of the mod. I have a internal alpha available for testers. Our Moddb page is quite active.

Her Are Some Pics Of Progress

Note Phobos Model is Being Rebuilt Due to Model Errors

Hope for you to Enjoy these pics and hope to see you on the forums.

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