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Maybe we(community at large) can come up with some that are viable. What ships need abilities?

Absolutely. All except for the Colossus needs ability, here's the document (colossus stuff not filled in b/c lazy)

Ok I need to run some errands, I will do some more of this later.

Ok so here's my thoughts (This is your mod, ignore this if you see fit):

Hecate - I would actually like to suggest moving the colony bits  to the Orion, due to them being older designs, they would be less likely to be found on the front lines, but they still are useful space frames (also blocky storage) In my mind, they fit the bill for colonizer better.
keep strategic focus. Add "New Recruits". Add "Fleet Coordination". Ultimate "Call Reserves". (As hecate is not a front line unit, it feels weird for it's ultimate to be a large dmg beam a la cleansing brillance)
Fleet Coordination - all friendly ships in system gain passive damage and speed. Does not stack
damage 5% 10% 15% 20%
speed 10%
New Recruits- restore x squadrons on target ship to full
antimatter 150 135 120 100
cd 120
squadrons restored - 3 5 7 10
Call Reserves - spawn x Deimos heavy cruisers in gravity well.
antimatter  150 125
cd 180
cruisers called in 5 8

Titan - Add "anti-capital weaponry".
anti-capital weaponry - adds dot or/straight dmg. against capitals, titans, and star bases. stops passive regeneration on capitals. stacks three times. Reduced anti-fighter capabilities
dot 3 6 9 12 or dmg 8% 16% 24% 32%
anti fighter damage -10% -20% -30% -40%
stops passive regeneration

Erebus - I'm thinking move tactical jump to Q and add 2 more ranks
antimatter 90 80 70 60
cd 60 50 40 30
range 20k 26k 33k 40k
for it's ultimate give it "Override Safeties" ala the Kol battleship's finest hour. keep the antimatter restored/sec, Change the hull repaired /sec to reduced weapon cool down.  Add another property (if possible): tactical jump can now be used instantly, and on 10 sec cd. But every time you use tactical jump while "Override Safeties" is on, the Erebus takes damage equal to 20% of max hp.
and again if possible, add a property that makes the Erebus take dot equal to 10% max hp over the course of the duration.
cd 180
duration 60 75
antimatter restorec/sex 3.0 3.8
Weapon cooldown 30% 45%
weapon dmg +10%
dmg taken per tact jump 20% 15%
dmg taken dot 10%





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