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Re: My first campaign - Patrick's Revenge.
Okay, I guess my zip is bad. I have an older version but I definitely doubt that one is the most recent then.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Re: My first campaign - Patrick's Revenge.
I could not find the file using the referenced link..... :banghead:

Re: RELEASE - My first campaign - Patrick's Revenge.
Just did a playthrough (sorry it took so long!) of the version in the quick&dirty archive.  (not sure if that's the most current one though)
One thing it could use is a "mod.ini" file so that it can be activated as a mod in the launcher.

-Starting position feels weird, mostly because you see the battlestar take off without you.
-It is a little too easy to die with all the raiders hitting at once.
-The countdown timer doesn't stop when the station is destroyed, and looks like it hangs up when it gets to 1, though some kind of "kill confirmed" message at the end would make it more clear.
-The wingmates attack the tylium ships when all the raiders are dead.
I had to skip it because I kept dying, so that's all I have on that one.
-The game seems to prefer targeting the disabled freighters when the raiders arrive (I'd guess since the raiders are farther away), so I'd disallow that.
-No collisions with battlestar and the player.
-Ran out of raiders.
-No instruction of what to do after "Disable 3 freighters"
-All objectives completed, but mission still running (I did see the comment here about jumping as a workaround though).
-Minor typo in the briefing ("in route" should be "en route").
-It's kinda boring waiting for the first basestar to die; maybe reduce it's health a bit and add some raider waves.
-Said one of the frigates was destroyed, but one jumped out and the other had %10 left.
-Intermittent collisions with the battlestar.

I liked M3 the best (trying to save the frigates while avoiding raiders and random flak rounds from the battlestar), and it seemed like the most balanced of the three.  Cheers, man!
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