What environment should we try and settle?

Safe, Plentiful resources
0 (0%)
Safe, Scarce resources
0 (0%)
Moderately Safe, Plentiful resources
6 (18.8%)
Moderately Safe, Scarce resources
2 (6.3%)
Dangerous, Plentiful resources
8 (25%)
Dangerous, Scarce resources
2 (6.3%)
14 (43.8%)

Total Members Voted: 32

Author Topic: Interest Check- Dwarf Fortress LP  (Read 4485 times)

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Re: Interest Check- Dwarf Fortress LP
Ghostavo -> Miner
"Closing the Box" - a campaign in the making :nervous:

Shrike is a dirty dirty admin, he's the destroyer of souls... oh god, let it be glue...


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Re: Interest Check- Dwarf Fortress LP
if i can sign up for this?
pecenipicek -> whatever job you need.
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Re: Interest Check- Dwarf Fortress LP
Copied from the actual LP thread. Just to go with your request to keep the signups here in this thread.

"Ok. If you need more HLP:ers (as I expect), count me in.
And as I said on the HLP-Xcom if the lord of RNG decides to bend my dwarven gender you might aswell use a nick "Gortina" for that."
Habeeb it...


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Re: Interest Check- Dwarf Fortress LP
Seeing how the fortress is under (more) threat, I'll sign up for the militia! Just Pred will be fine.


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Re: Interest Check- Dwarf Fortress LP
Just stumbled onto this:

3D Dwarf Fortress Light?
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