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Re: UEF Combat Tech Tree Ideas
Do you have an idea on what you would like tech trees made for?

Re: UEF Combat Tech Tree Ideas
Gattlers, PD Turrets, UEF Turrets, Mass Drivers, Gauss Cannons.

Also hull points, armor plating, and quite possibly reactor capacity and recharge rate.
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Re: UEF Combat Tech Tree Ideas
Been going through this myself, and loving it; I grew up with Freespace. The UEF using overwhelmingly ballistics as their primary weapons, research that boosts Gauss, autocannon and railgun-type weapons would be most logical. The usual; things to boost weapon refire rate, damage, maybe even a DoT like the Mazra dreadnought's incendiary ammo ability. Precise details and boost types can be assigned later. I'm sure I can come up with a few examples. Let's see...

Damage boost Level 1 - Depleted Uranium slugs
Increase the weapon damage of all autocannon-based weapons.

Refire boost Level 1 - Modular magazines
By standardizing ammunition storage and loading mechanisms, ti is possible to achieve a quicker firing cycle for our ships' gauss-type armaments.

Damage boost level 2 - Gravitic coilguns
By modifying railguns and gauss weapons to use gravitic plating instead of electromagnets to propel a slug, a significant damage boost is gained.
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Re: UEF Combat Tech Tree Ideas
I realize this hasn't been posted to in a while, but I noted an oversight in possible ballistic weapon upgrade research. Range upgrades. I realize that in space in real life, ballistic weapon range is effectively infinite unless the projectile hits something, but for game purposes, this is not emulated. So range upgrade research might be something to consider as well.
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Re: UEF Combat Tech Tree Ideas
Nice, I know missiles have something along those lines, but for straight up ballistics, makes complete sense.
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