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# of Waves for player wing
Why is it grayed out? There is nothing logically impossible about player wing having reinforcements, the only exception is that wave threshold must be at least 1 for the next wave to come (since the player is still alive and part of the wing). If it cannot be done, is there a way to make player wing reinforcements without it?
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Re: # of Waves for player wing
It's a multiplayer feature.  There are no respawns for the player in single player.
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Re: # of Waves for player wing
It's a multiplayer feature.  There are no respawns for wings in single player.

Yeah there are - even in the retail campaigns many wings have multiple waves. We're talking waved wings, not ships respawning.


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Re: # of Waves for player wing
The main FS2 campaign solves this by sending in another wing of 3 fighters (Usually Epsilon but use beta or gamma if you want to give the player chance to customize loadout), and this reinforcement wing can be waved