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Re: Disney Kills LucasArts
Young, or not that much into american pop culture from ages ago (I am able to infer what old yeller was from context. I have no inclination to ever learn more about it).
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Re: Disney Kills LucasArts
Young, or not that much into american pop culture from ages ago (I am able to infer what old yeller was from context. I have no inclination to ever learn more about it).

You're currently reinforcing a particular stereotype about Germans, E :P

To be fair to you, Old Yeller may be a classic but it isn't particularly well-written or profound.
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Re: Disney Kills LucasArts
Sad news  :(

To be fair, LucasArts has been a shadow of its former self for a long time, but I was hoping it'd last long enough for the old-timers still working for them to retire or jump ship; Don't know how many of them have.

I don't mean people like Schafer, Gilbert, Grossman and Holland who we know made it out and formed their own companies, but the more behind-the-scenes guys like Chip Hinnenberg, Brett Tosti, Justin Chin, Peter Chan and Jo Ashburn or near-legendary sound and music guys Michael Land, Clint Bajakian and Peter McConnell and voice actors like Danny Delk (aka. Darth Vader and Murrey the Evil Skull :D).

I still have e-mails from people like Tabitha Tosti when I was trying to sort out problems with the awesome but buggy game that was XvT. An e-mail from someone whose name appears in the credits! How often does that happen?
Heck, I can't remember the last time I had a real support person working for an actual company helping me over e-mail; You wouldn't get that these days!

LEC is one of the few companies that I remember names of the people that made the games from; I guess I built up a bit more of an emotional tie to LucasArts.

It sucked watching their decline; The last good game I think I played from them were the last few Jedi Knight games, and also Republic Commando (Although technically they're Raven games), but  their best games were always the non-SW stuff.

Telltale does a good job of continuing the legacy of the point and click stuff but is a bit hit-and-miss. The Wallace and Gromit game felt really half-assed and the 3rd series of the Sam and Max has been a fairly half-hearted slog for me (The writing needs work and the voice actor for Sam BADLY needs to be changed or fixed), but on the other hand the Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future games are excellent and need to be played! (Do eeet, doit nao!)

Double Fine games have that classic problem where the games should be awesome but are let down by one game-killing flaw; Psychonauts and especially Brutal Legend are good examples of this. Brutal Legend in particular pissed me off; It starts off perfectly but then the game turns into what amounts to a **** RTS which basically ruins it. If they can get the licence for Battle Zone, those ideas could work, but it doesn't fit an adventure game! The more recent game which is sortof a Lost Vikings-esque game has great ideas but doesn't feel fleshed out. Admittedly I've only played the demo, but it's not doing anything for me.

The closure feels unworthily anticlimactic to me; Not with a bang but with a whimper as the cliché goes. It almost feels like there should have been some sort of ceremony! Whatever anyone says, this marks the end of an era in gaming history for me.


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Re: Disney Kills LucasArts
I picked up Jedi Outcast on the holiday steam sale and really enjoyed it, so maybe something good will come of the source code release.


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Re: Disney Kills LucasArts
To be honest, it could go either way, whilst the name LucasArts used to be synonymous with the X-Wing or Tie-Fighter series, they sort of lost the plot over the years, clutching at some very dubious straws to maintain a franchise that was practically designed to be turned into computer games, though not a MMO, I might add, that was a bad idea, most of the Star Wars Universe exists to be terrorised, saved or killed by the few.

Outsourcing the Franchise is a two-edged sword, it depends on who gets those rights, but it could be a very positive thing in the long run.


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Re: Disney Kills LucasArts
They didn't kill LucasArts, they took it to the vet and had it put down. Now we can enjoy our wonderful memories of playing with it in the park without it constantly whining in pain, throwing up on the carpet and occasionally....WHAT THE **** IS THAT SMELL!

I imagined this being said in Will Smith's voice.