Author Topic: Homeworld IP Sale Shenanigans  (Read 5440 times)

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Re: Homeworld IP Sale Shenanigans
 This is General (Gaming) Discussion, where all topics are absorbed by the singularity of hatred.


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Re: Homeworld IP Sale Shenanigans
I suggest the snide remarks turn instead toward EA, rather than each other. ;)

I'm pretty sure that everyone making snide remarks of an only vaguely justifiable nature at EA was how we got here...if this is cyclical, I reserve the right to blame you.
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Re: Homeworld IP Sale Shenanigans
Duly noted that levity is not an effective response.

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Re: Homeworld IP Sale Shenanigans
If there is such interest, then I guess it's.. good?

Absolutely, I think this is a good thing. I hope the mystery buyer is Blizzard or Valve. It probably isn't though.


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Re: Homeworld IP Sale Shenanigans
While this was settled a while ago (it's Gearbox), I need to ask:

Why would you hope Blizzard got it?  They pretty much specialise in destroying decent stories now.  Blizzard is probably the last company I'd have wanted HW to end up with.