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Co-Op Mission: Payback
This is a Co-Op mission, but plays just as well for single player.  You are the CAG of the Battlestar Cerberus, your Battlestar was sent on a mission behind enemy lines to destroy a high priority target.  Your first objective is to knock out the FTL drive of that target to prevent it's escape, then survive the waves of re-enforcements.  I'll let everything else speak for itself.

I've hosted versions of this mission as I developed it, where's a good place to host off-site so it doesn't get deleted?

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Re: Co-Op Mission: Payback
my personal preference is to use mediafire
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Re: Co-Op Mission: Payback
Where can i download this coop mission?
Warcraft 2.5
a fast paced Broodwar/Warcraft2 style mod for Warcraft 3 TFT (without heroes)
Total Annihilation Conversion with improved graphics, controls and an additional faction.