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Help with PCS2 and textures
I can get my models into pcs2 just fine but I cannot get it to display my textures at all even though they appear in the list. I set my texture paths in preferences to where they are saved and all. Any help here would be greatly appreciated since this is about the only thing holding me up right now.


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Re: Help with PCS2 and textures
The first thing to do, in order to simplify things, owuld be to copy your textures into the same directory as the .pof file. That way, any path shenanigans can be ruled out.

Secondly, make sure that the textures are in a format PCS2 can understand. JPEG, Targa, or preferably DDS are all supported. Third, make sure that the filenames in the texture list in PCS2 do NOT have any extensions (i.e. If the texture name shows up as "name.tga" or "" or something, remove the file type extension).
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Re: Help with PCS2 and textures
Thanks for the tips. Placing my texture in the same folder as my  DAE file worked even though that folder isn't in my preferences path structure . Go figure:)


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Re: Help with PCS2 and textures
one of the default folder locations should be a wild card that looks in the same place as the pof/dae
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