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With regards to my New Hardware Aquaired post.

Hi TwoCables. I didn't ignore your post. I just want to be sure that I get the instructions perfect because I'm not the one who will be doing the work. My plan is  to take my computer in to my computer professional and pay  him to install my hard drive and have him use his much more secure internet to download the files.

I am hoping that I can take my computer in once and only once. I’m just trying to avoid the headache of getting it home only to have to up-root it and take it in...2?.....3?.....4 times? Not to mention the cost. So I wanted to get the instructions all perfect because I am going to copy them and send them to my computer guy in an Email.

Judging from the size of your posts, I know that you have spent a lot of your time on me and I am conscious of that.

I apologize for ruffling your feathers and hope this helps set things right with you.

And again, thank you for the time you have spent on me.



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Just FYI, for these sorts of things, you're probably better advised using the private message system.
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Yea your probably right.


He is right because of one simple thing: there's no guarantee that I would see this. I only saw it just now because I was bored and I wanted to see if there were new posts in the following forums:

Getting Started

General FreeSpace Discussion

FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support

So I mean, if I hadn't looked until like say a week from now, then you could end up wondering why I'm ignoring you. So, threads that are directed toward just one person are a bad idea simply because there's no way to guarantee that the person would see that thread without telling them about it in a Private Message. So, you can see that it would be best to just use the PM for the entire message anyway.

It's all good though: I replied via PM.
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