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Is it just me or is this missing the glass texture over the cockpit?  Or is it a special vasudan flight suit negating the need for glass on the ship?  Edit: Another question I have regards what looks like it would be another window on the back side of the cockpit area... it's solid in the model and I'm reasonably sure it's intended that way, but what of the idea of turning that into glass as well?  That way you can see Vasudan butt when you maneuver behind it for the kill.

in theory we already have the tech now so that glass is marginalized as a material replaced by cameras and a viual overlay system, i think BAE has the most publicly known system under development, so no glass would not be terminal.

as for the back it looks to me more like an access hatch so you can climb in and out of the thing
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That way you can see Vasudan butt when you maneuver behind it for the kill.

On other note, maybe it's just me but... the base texture feels just a tad little incomplete without some lines or maybe other features aside from dust and dirt marks.
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There's definitely glass there. It's just the spec and env map on it are so weak (and the angle of the damn window is so awkward) that it's very hard to see it. Easiest way to make sure is to go into ship lab and turn off diffuse map.

I'm loving the placebo effect of the new fighter. The sexiness of my ride directly correlates to how well I fly. I just went through all the fs2 vasudan campaign missions on insane in a serapis without dying.


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Sorry for the late answer, but I was on a business trip with no access to internet.
Regarding the glass, I had a fully black shine map for the glass when it should be fully white (dunno why I did that) and that was the responsable of the glass not showing correctly. I have reuploaded the model with the proper map now, and I've updated the download links. Sorry...  ;)

This ship looks very nice, and there is nothing to add in this sentence, but...
Have you ever thought about making these engine turbines (whatever) rotate? I think it would be the "cherry on a cake" thing :)
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Honestly, I don't think it would make sense or be noticeable in-game. If someone else wants to do it, please go ahead but beware that the turbines are not fully modelled (as in, it's not complete because I deleted the parts that are not visible to reduce the polycount) so it's more than just a conversion or table fix.