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Site update question
Guys, stop putting dates like 08.12.02.  On your site, saying it will be done.  That way you can work on it in peace, without us bugging you for details on why its late.  So, that said, How goes the new site?
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Its done, except the content, or certain parts of it....we really expected it to be finished yesterday, but certain people...[glow=red]*COUGH* CHILDRENMCNUGET *COUGH*[/glow][/b] decided not to finish their parts and get them turned in to me....soooo...errr...we'll have it up soon.


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upload the crap i've done so long, i can also make a Flash navigation for you if you want!  i'm working on the techroom

EDIT:  nevermind, i've already made the navigaiton
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